Purchasing a chest gives you an artifact or gear within a relatively narrow scope. There are three main categories of chests:

  • Chests that give only artifacts
  • Chests that give only gear
  • Chests that give either gear or artifacts, but for a specific type or category of units.In general, chests that only drop artifacts cost gold. The gear-only chests cost 80 Ember. The type-specific chests cost 40 Ember.

The type-specific chests rotate through the store, so check the store to see which one is available.

The four regular chests are:

The type-specific chests that have rotated through the store include:

  • Vanguard Chest
  • Fletcher's Chest - Single item (rarely) or artifact (mostly), rare (usually) or better, all usable by a Ranger, Repeater, or Longbow.