The world of The Ember Conflict is not flat. The land is full of history and tales of adventure. Together, all of the bits of knowledge and story combine to form the lore of the Ember Isles. None of this information has any in-game impact; none of it affects anything you might do in a match. All of it, however, creates a rich universe within which you can experience the lives of the people for whom you fight.

Much of the information we have on the world of the Ember Isles comes from the Special Missions, though other information comes from snippets on the TEC blog or comments made in the forums. These bits and pieces eventually give us enough information to better understand the world in which TEC exists.

  • Explore in general the factions at war within the Ember Isles.
    • ...or read more specifically about House Dawn, the Empire expatriots.
    • ...or read more about the Empire itself.
    • ...or read about the primitive Rise peoples who recently signed a treaty with the Empire.
    • ...or read about the mysterious Floic societies, masters of intrigue.
  • Meet the many characters that inhabit the world.
  • Wonder over the snippets of lore that have been teased.
  • Tour the many locations of note in and around the Ember Isles.

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