Hashashin Artwork
Unit Stats
Damage Rating5
Toughness Rating1
Speed Rating2
Range Rating1
Dificulty Rating4
Hashashin Icon Hashashin's Cloak

Unit Description

There is an art to killing that pays no honor. There is a way to attack that allows no retaliation.

This is the way of the outcast clans, seeking wealth as free agents far from home

The Hashashin are masters ofconcealment, Often popping up behind enemy lines unexpectedly.

Becomes hidden a short time after being issued a move order and revealed only when movement stops or engages in combat

Usable Gear

Brotherhood Dagger
Slippers of the Sands
Mark of Nyx
Hood of the Fearless Ones

Additional InformationEdit


No lore at this time.

Strategy TipsEdit

Every time you give a Hashashin a move order they will flash again, whether or not they were invisible when you gave the order. With this in mind, it may be prudent to allow a hashashin unit to complete the current order before giving it a new one, so as to allow the hashashin to be well behind enemy lines and closer to the target (and harder to intercept by the opponent) when the telltale flash reveals its location.

Alternately, you may want to play some mindgames and reveal the Hashashin on purpose moving in one direction, and having it go elsewhere once it's invisible again. Of course, if you make its path too convoluted, you'll be at a unit disadvantage for a while.

Behind the ScenesEdit

No info at this time.