Heavy Cavalry
Heavy Cavalry
Heavy Cavalry Artwork
Unit Stats
Damage Rating2
Toughness Rating5
Speed Rating3
Range Rating1
Dificulty Rating1
Heavy Cavalry Icon Heavy Charge

Unit Description

The low rumble that marks the charge of Heavy Cavalry has preceded the death of countless victims.

Isle knights are battle hardened veterans, and the most elite warriors of the Imperial army. Quick, powerful, and decisive.

With both horse and man heavily armored, the heavy charge should never be underestimated.

+++Speed and damage on targeted attack

Usable Gear

Regal Crescents
Spurs of the Sun
Kinetic Shocker
Royal Provisions
Lightning Standard
Winged Helm

Additional InformationEdit

Heavy Cavalry is a specialization unit from Horseman


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Strategy TipsEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

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