Mou La Caille's Fortress
Mission Info
Difficulty Hard
Quest Giver Captain Morrigan
Units Repeater, Prideborn, Lord of War
Map Thetis Shrine East | Mission Map
Possible Rewards Akrid Fetish
Old Boots
Seasoned Yew
975-1409 gold
144-231 XP

Quest Description

"We've finally located the source of the recent bandit raids: a bandit fortress in the forest. It's time to strike at their leader and remove this scourge."

Strategy Tips Edit

No tips at this time.

Behind the Scenes Edit

This mission's name includes an Easter Egg. It's pronouced "Moo Lah Kah-ee," which is how you would pronounce Muhlakai's name in French. Muhlakai was an avid player who provided copious feedback during the alpha. Xavier, the Director of Marketing, was a frequent opponent during the "alpha hours" set up by Substantial Games during the alpha, and is French. French pronunciation plus Muhlakai's name equals "Mou La Caille."

"Mou La Caille" means "soft quail" in French. Muhlakai is polylingual, but does not speak French, nor was he aware of the French homonym. He pronounces his name "MUHL uh kah-ee."