Private Alpha: prior to July 2014 Edit

Public Alpha: July 2014 Edit

The public alpha used a version that was technically out-of-date at the time of its release. Some bugs and errors were corrected in the public alpha version, though most non-critical bugs were left for beta updates. Substantial instituted "Alpha Hours" where the devs were committed to having at least one or two devs online to play in case player numbers were low.

The units available in the store remained constant throughout the alpha, though the pricing was changed early on. Initial pricing implied that the more advanced units were more valuable, and this was changed to simply reflect that the "core" units (Shield Guard/Ranger/Horseman) were the basis for your army (and were thus cheaper) than the flashier units.

Units included: Shield Guard, Ranger, Horseman, Puglings, Spitter, Doctors, Siege Beast, Berserker, Hashashin

Fun fact: although Prideborns were teased on the unit screen and in the store, they were completely unavailable for use or purchase.

Private Beta: August 2014 through January 2015 Edit

Substantial Games introduced a number of new mechanics during this development period, including Reinforcements and Specialization. Most maps were reworked, in addition to several new maps that were polished and officially added. These changes and additions were heavily influenced by observations made during the public alpha. Player reaction was more or less "hopeful skepticism" to the new mechanics.

Fun fact: One fan, User:Capgames, was allowed limited early access to the beta near the end of this stage as the only community member at that point who had created videos of TEC, to aid him in additional promo videos that he'd been trying to create at that point.

Public Beta: January 28, 2015 through ??? Edit

The public beta officially launched January 28, 2015. It launched in Canada, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and Northern Europe. Limited quantities of beta codes were given away to players in other markets. The public beta first revealed reinforcements, gear, and specializations.

The public beta was finally able to be accessible through the iOS App Store directly, and was the first therefore to receive actual updates.